Brittany is a 2013 graduate of the Doctorate of Physical Therapy program at Northeastern University in Boston, MA. She is also a 2013 graduate of the Cortiva Institute in Watertown, MA where she obtained her License in Massage Therapy. She has a particularly strong interest in manual therapy, and is actively pursuing continued expertise in Orthopedic Manual Therapy through attending continuing education courses with organizations such as the Institute of Physical Art, Functional Movement Systems, and the Spinal Manipulation Institute. She has also completed a 135-hour program to become a Certified Lymphedema Therapist through the Norton School of Lymphatic Therapy in 2016, allowing her to administer Complete Decongestive Therapy. She is an active member of both the American Physical Therapy Association and the American Massage Therapy Association.

Brittany has been a practicing Physical Therapist at Fitzgerald Physical Therapy Associates since 2013. She enjoys developing personalized treatment plans tailored specifically towards each and every one of her patients. Common musculoskeletal injuries treated include (but are not limited to) acute and chronic sports injuries, overuse injuries, total joint replacements, rotator cuff repairs, pain due to osteoarthritis, postural dysfunction, disc herniations, etc. She has a particularly strong interest in working with complex foot and ankle injuries, as well as complex shoulder pathologies.

Brittany has been a practicing Licensed Massage Therapist since 2014, and has been utilizing her massage skills both in physical therapy practice, as well as with private massage clients. She has found that adding massage therapy to her repertoire has yielded optimal results in pain relief amongst a very wide array of patients and clients. Being licensed in both practices has allowed her to utilize a combination of skills such as soft tissue mobilization, therapeutic stretching, joint mobilization, Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (PNF), corrective exercise, and resistive strength training. Combining these techniques has produced undeniable results in pain relief, increase in muscle length, joint range of motion, improvement of static and dynamic posture, and most importantly, functional mobility.


In addition to her clinical practice, Brittany enjoys spending much of her free time participating in activities such as snowboarding and playing hockey in the winter months. Brittany also enjoys water sports, hiking and running during the warmer months. Additionally, she has been volunteering in the medical tent at the Boston Marathon since 2012, and plans to continue volunteering annually.

You can contact Brittany directly at, and visit her website for more detailed information about her independent massage business:

Dr. Brittany Smith

Doctor of Physical Therapy, Licensed Massage Therapist