Chronic headaches are a problem for a large population of people. These headaches can comefrom a variety of different sources and can affect everyone differently.

A majority of chronic headaches come from the cervical spine and have different treatments that can be performed to reduce and eliminate occurrence of these headaches.

Treatment Methods

  • Cervical and thoracic spine manipulation consists  of a physical therapist manipulating (hearing an  audible pop or crack) your neck and back to move  in a way that releases the stress and tension within  that region, abolishing your headache symptoms.
  • Strengthening exercises help to retrain the deep  stabilizers in your back and neck to put less stress  on the upper cervical region.
  • Dry needling therapy includes the insertion of thin  needles into soft tissues that have been shown to  refer pain to the head and neck relieving tension.
  • Abolishing these headaches may be as simple as  combining postural corrections with these manual  techniques in order to reduce the constant stress in  your upper cervical region.

Cervicogenic Headache

Find out today if your headaches are coming from your cervical spine!